Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 months today!

Really? I cannot beleive it has only been 4 months and at the same time I cannot believe that my little baby is already a 4 month old.

He has changed so much. He is so big and his personality even bigger. Right now he loves jumping if you sit him on your lap with his feet on the floor, he will jump with a huge smile on his face until you tire of it and change his position. A johnny jump up is in our near future I believe. He also loves being on his belly as you can see here. As soon as you place him on the floor on his back he flips over and is now beginning to flip back though he likes to do that mostly on the bed. Something he hates is driving back from the food co-op, as he usually naps on the way there or even while I shop and is wide awake and bored for the drive home, so sad, I wish we lived closer.

I would like to try to get more things made up in my studio before I think I will have to give it up or at least part of it to this little guy at some point when he needs more space than a baby needs. We will see, right now he is happy to just be where ever I am watching me or looking at his toys. Sophie the giraffe is a favorite.

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